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Unlike many other investment companies which mostly involve traditional private equity and public investors, RHL ventures is a private investment formed by 3 millennial co-founders. Their philosophy is to circumvent the conflict of interest in the ownership of capital as well as not to be restricted to short term market performance benchmarks. With a common trait in investing, they pool personal and family funds into potential investments, to anticipate long term growth and support small and medium size global enterprises with links to ASEAN economies.





We are humbled to have participated in designing and building their workplace located at Bangsar South. Upon entering is a shoe shelf on the right, topped with an attached light cushion allowing workers to put on and remove shoes easily.






A calm and refined atmosphere is created through material choice which includes timber, glass, concrete, pearl and mesh. The first glass door leads us to their meeting room. The tables exhibited are clad in dark veneer, with blackened steel supports and stoppable breaks to scaffold tables. Several tables are joined together to form a communal meeting table; conversely, the tables are also detachable when needed. Distinctive by its look, the chairs used are one of our best-seller, Convert, from our mesh chair series. The meeting room and executive room is separated by a glass partition. When ideas emerge, workers can write on the glass walls to share their ideas.




Next to the meeting room is the executive room, which also uses our notorious mesh chair and extremely popular height-adjustable table. The utilitarian table plays an increasingly important role in contemporary office planning, ergonomic performance, offering flexibility as it allows users the freedom to sit or stand throughout the day.










Out of the glass rooms, there is an array of several portable tables covered in timber surface, each one being complemented by Prestige chairs from our mesh chair series, filling the center void of the office.

Now, you will notice the apparent concrete flooring, neutral and simple yet also durable, thus complementing the colors of the workplace. Behind the tables displayed a customized built-in cupboard coated in pearl white material. Coming in a variation of cubicle sizes, it is meant for storing work relevant documents or any personal possessions. Reports and belongings will be kept safely by the attached key locks. Towards the middle, a void has been created allowing space for a screen to be placed. This allows for future presentations or stocks displays. Alongside it, there is a book shelf filled with finance related publications, granting workers the chance to read and refer to them at any time.

To find out more about our furniture, check out www.siton.my.

It was an honor to have worked with RHL ventures.

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