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honestbee is an Asia online concierge that aims to provide positive social and financial impacts on lives and businesses. Designed to ease grocery shopping for busy or lazy people, as it can be a time-consuming chore for most working adult. Their mission is to deliver the best handpicked product by their fellow employees at the shortest time. Reputable across Asia countries, we are privileged to be working with honestbee, supplying their office furniture in Malaysia.





As a big community with high number of employees, from the management to deliverers, ergonomics is vital.  We are proud to have selected the most suitable office furniture that fits into the concept of honestbee. The mesh chair series was chosen, Budget, who comes with a range of colours. 5 colours were picked, varies from red, blue, indigo, green to orange. Selection of hues have brightened up the working environment, reinforcing a buoyant atmosphere to keep workers at top performance.






The advantage of the mesh material of our chair is the high level of ventilation and breathability by allowing air flow through the chair while seated. Easing airflow can avoid warmth and discomfort from working away for hours.


Long rectangular tables can be easily found in the meeting rooms and communal work spaces, making teamwork seem effortless. The table top is embodied by beech wood to give an elegant and sustainable look, followed by a sleek black metal support. Desk grommets can be found on each table to give convenience in accessing electrical outlets.




On the side, we find a bar table made from identical materials that was specially customized as the pantry of the office. It acts as a place to gather during office downtimes, or for the occasional quick snack grab. Power outlets can be found around the table as the power source for their laptops or phone while they break away.








The mesh chair series and meeting tables are manufactured by our own brand, which can be found on www.siton.my.


We completed the project with a final task, which was to furnish the office sign board. It hangs on the side of the walkway prior to entering the office. A warm mango-coloured background has been chosen, as is it their signature shade yellow, with a small lettered “honestbee” in a black font, and their recognizable cute bee logo aside of the sign board acts as a welcome to anyone entering the office.




M&O is delighted to have worked with honestbee.

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