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A Korea based clinic, HKC plaza is an established clinic which has been providing all kinds of beauty treatments for 11 years. Combining art & science, their goal is to unlock beauty within through providing aesthetic services and consultation.

We took part in the construction and refurbishment of the clinic that is located the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The whole concept is concentrated in giving a warm ambiance, using reflective materials and yellow light to provide a relaxing yet comfortable vibe, to reduce customers’ nervousness.





Upon entering is the reception desk clad in black reflective material with an intriguing gold lining. A rose gold and silver reflective background brings out the boldness and identity of the signage in gold, complementing the colors of the front desk.








Warm timber flooring and under-desk lighting were implemented to set the mood as you enter the clinic. On the left of the entrance is the waiting area, filled with long-back antique looking couches topped on a fuzzy grey floor mat which gives the room a touch of luxury. Industrial-style lamps are placed on both the front desk and tea table for an integrated look.

Behind the couches, are a series of rags and cupboards, displaying products, and making them more accessible to potential customers. On the left of the rags is a hidden division of the cupboard, storing electronics and players. Beneath the rags we find a row of lockable cupboards, where customers can store their valuables securely during their visit to the clinic The light beige mosaic background help adds modernity into the picture.














Across the waiting area we see 2 treatment rooms segregated from the common compound by a sleek sliding door. A step into the first room, shows a treatment couch placed in the center, cabinets and built-in wall cupboards on the side which allow clinicians to assess to their tools and essential apparatus for treatments. Along the cabinet includes a sink to sanitize hands when needed. The second room, displaying the same type of storage cupboards, as well as supplementary advisory space and treatment bed.




All the cabinets are specially made by our own manufacturer. The colors and styles were picked and designed thoughtfully by us exclusively for HKC Plaza to fit into their theme. More of our furniture collection can be found on

M&O is honored to have worked with HKC Plaza.

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