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Way to go! Your startup is beginning to grow, your revenue is generating and your first employees are coming in. However, this means that your home or your garage is not going to cut it as your business HQ no more. The time has come to move to an actual office space. Leasing and finding space for your professional establishment that meets both your budget and your needs is both stressful and exciting for brand new entrepreneurs. But, it doesn’t have to be stressful, if you get informed properly and learn from other people’s experience, you can make the whole process stress free and simply exciting. Today, we will address this topic and try to help you achieve your goal and celebrate your new office. Here are the most important steps you should follow during your search.


Find out how much space you really need

Usually, there is a good rule that applies in general and it goes like this – you should have around one thousand square feet of space for each 4 to 6 employees. By using this formula, you will probably be able to squeeze everything you need in your office while at the same time making everyone comfortable to work properly. However, depending on your business type, you might require additional space if you have machines that take up space. This is something you should consider before figuring out the size you need.


Think about your employees


Bear in mind where your employees live and, from that viewpoint, you should look to find an office space which is more or less convenient for everyone to travel to every day. Figuring out a centralized location is highly important, as it will take less time for people to come to work. If you make it comfortable for everyone, you will keep ensure future success. Some other things you should consider when setting up your office include logistics and storage space. For further information, you should contact the people at iStoreiSend Logistics.


Consider subleasing some space

If you are just starting to create revenue, but are not making any profit, you may find it hard to convince your landlord of renting you his commercial space for a long period of time. If this is your case, you might consider subleasing your first office space. Short term leases are usually month to month and sometimes even week to week, while some may even last for a whole year. If your business is still deep in its growth period, subleasing the space is one of the best ways to cover your costs and avoid loans.


Work with a trustworthy agent


When it comes to hiring agents, it’s always good to be on the side of caution. Try to find an agent who has worked with someone you know in the past. This is similar to when you move somewhere and you want to find a good dentist – important things like this are not something you should take lightly. When you have finished gathering recommendations from your business partners, friends or family consider doing a bit more research. Look for agents online on their business networks and see what their former clients are saying about them. There are many agents that promise a lot, but can hardly keep their promises.


Negotiate about everything


There really are no exact rules when it comes to finding the best office space possible. Just because some ad says that a certain place costs $4,000 per month doesn’t mean it’s worth that much, nor that this is the final price. Always try to negotiate down the monthly rent price. You can save 5% to 20% from the currently asked price. Naturally, people want to get as much as they can, but you will be surprised how easily you can negotiate lower prices. If you are signing a deal for a longer period, you can even ask for one month free as a token of good will.

Getting a good office is very important for the startup period. An office means a lot, and a good one can make people more productive, relaxed and focused on their jobs. Certainly, one of the essential ingredients for a successful business is a well-designed and functional office space. Once you’ve found a suitable place, decorate it so that it enhances your every day at work.



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