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The design of your office space can have a crucial effect on how comfortable and productive the people working there are. This has become such an important issue for successful companies that most of them are prepared to consult highly expensive professionals to get the whole thing right. It may cost a bit, but it pays off in the long term, since a poorly designed office will cause low production and it can slow down the overall performance of a business. With a good design, it is possible to solve many problems. By enabling new ways of communication, making a space in which different staff members can perform different task and getting excited about being in the office, your company will have many benefits. Startups and small companies don’t have much resources to invest in hiring professional help for office design and this is why we have put together a list of things you can do to make your office more pleasant without investing a lot of money.

1.    Light and space


Most workers spend around 90 % of their time at work indoors, and a large portion includes people working at their computers which are nowhere close to a window. There are many negative effects revolving around productivity and mood, which can be caused by lack of natural sunlight, and this is something both employers and employees can feel. Natural light exposure is often sidelined when it comes to office designs, but it should be one of the top priorities when figuring out your office layout. As opposed to artificial light, natural light offers a broader color spectrum which makes it easier to perform basic tasks and see details more clearly. There are many studies that show how natural light increases productivity.

2.    Furniture


Companies with low budgets may be tempted to try and save money by buying cheap furniture, however, in the long run, you won’t save anything. By spending an extra 100 dollars per one desk chair, you will be able to save up thousands. It may seem like chairs are unimportant and small objects, however all of your employees will spend most of their time sitting on them. This is why it is important to invest in quality chairs which are comfortable and durable, to ensure that they don’t start breaking down a year after, while at the same time making your workers have a pleasant time sitting on them. This also applies to other furniture.

3.    Keep it tidy

For smaller offices, it very important that all things complement and work well with each other. In big offices, customers or clients may never even see the work area, since there is a behind the scene area. And, in small offices, there is no room for such an area and everything is usually out in the open. It is essential to clean the workplace. Remove all clutter, organize it properly and keep it tidy. Even a small office can quickly turn into a messy zone, as people like to pile up their desks with personal items and food. Avoid all of these things! You might even consider putting bins near desks for a quick clean-up.

4.    Brand your office


It is both important to brand your office, as it is your mother base. You shouldn’t limit your branding strategy to your site and ID cards. The brand should be inserted in the whole space, where all the magic happens. Surround your employees with your brand, reminding them of the norms and policies you have and make the brand visible to your clients. A properly designed environment can supply you with all of these things. You can include posters, wallpapers or even your logo, to show that you have great brand spirit.

The appearance and design in your office can build the foundation for the corporate culture of your organization. When designing your office, include logos, slogans, attitudes, philosophies and colors that represent your business in order to showcase who you are. Besides being experts in your field, you also must look appealing in order to be a successful business.

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