Uber Malaysia

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Uber Malaysia has been our latest project, designing the entire office to better make use of the space for employees. Known the world over, the Uber experience is reliable, efficient and covers a range of travelling variables from low-cost to premium. These were all facets of the business that needed to be reflected in the finished design of the new Uber Malaysia office space.

Initial consultations with the client produced a brief for a warm ambience and cutting-edge industrial design. We chose to use sleek furniture designs that blended well with the final look from our own manufacturers, which can be found on www.siton.my.

First, we opted for a timeless palette of black and white to reinforce the modernity of the business model which is run entirely via a smartphone app. We decided to add in cosy wooden touches, to add focal points to the room as well as contrast.

Matte black desks and information points were cut with linear textural details, an on-trend feature that brings Uber Malaysia right up-to-date. The main desk, appointed at the back of the office, was clad in beech to keep up the warm tones in the room and reflect the friendly nature of the business. It also differentiated the desk from the back wall, making it immediately apparent on entering the office where to head to first.

For an industrial-meets-modern edge, we polished rough concrete floors into reflective, warmly coloured surfaces that help to bounce light around the space. A black and white modular seating arrangement makes a monochromatic statement in the center of the room. Curvy, modern desk chairs flank long tables in the conference room. A pool table puts employees and visitors alike at ease and provides an activity centerpiece for office downtime.

Cylindrical down lighters in a stylish matte black metal add to the warm ambience and are arrayed in strict lines across the office industrial-style ceiling. Huge open window frames flood the office space with natural light, keeping everything bright and airy. No window treatments were necessary, instead we chose to keep the windows clean and crisply framed by gleaming white walls that further reflect light around the space.

We finished the office off with a funky back-lit ‘Uber’ logo in sleek black, mounted on the wall behind the main desk.

With sleek lines and a minimalist stance, the design came together in just three weeks to reflect an efficient and modern business.


Essential Design Tips for a Fresh Looking Office

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The design of your office space can have a crucial effect on how comfortable and productive the people working there are. This has become such an important issue for successful companies that most of them are prepared to consult highly expensive professionals to get the whole thing right. It may cost a bit, but it pays off in the long term, since a poorly designed office will cause low production and it can slow down the overall performance of a business. With a good design, it is possible to solve many problems. By enabling new ways of communication, making a space in which different staff members can perform different task and getting excited about being in the office, your company will have many benefits. Startups and small companies don’t have much resources to invest in hiring professional help for office design and this is why we have put together a list of things you can do to make your office more pleasant without investing a lot of money.

1.    Light and space

Most workers spend around 90 % of their time at work indoors, and a large portion includes people working at their computers which are nowhere close to a window. There are many negative effects revolving around productivity and mood, which can be caused by lack of natural sunlight, and this is something both employers and employees can feel. Natural light exposure is often sidelined when it comes to office designs, but it should be one of the top priorities when figuring out your office layout. As opposed to artificial light, natural light offers a broader color spectrum which makes it easier to perform basic tasks and see details more clearly. There are many studies that show how natural light increases productivity.

2.    Furniture

Companies with low budgets may be tempted to try and save money by buying cheap furniture, however, in the long run, you won’t save anything. By spending an extra 100 dollars per one desk chair, you will be able to save up thousands. It may seem like chairs are unimportant and small objects, however all of your employees will spend most of their time sitting on them. This is why it is important to invest in quality chairs which are comfortable and durable, to ensure that they don’t start breaking down a year after, while at the same time making your workers have a pleasant time sitting on them. This also applies to other furniture.

3.    Keep it tidy

For smaller offices, it very important that all things complement and work well with each other. In big offices, customers or clients may never even see the work area, since there is a behind the scene area. And, in small offices, there is no room for such an area and everything is usually out in the open. It is essential to clean the workplace. Remove all clutter, organize it properly and keep it tidy. Even a small office can quickly turn into a messy zone, as people like to pile up their desks with personal items and food. Avoid all of these things! You might even consider putting bins near desks for a quick clean-up.

4.    Brand your office

It is both important to brand your office, as it is your mother base. You shouldn’t limit your branding strategy to your site and ID cards. The brand should be inserted in the whole space, where all the magic happens. Surround your employees with your brand, reminding them of the norms and policies you have and make the brand visible to your clients. A properly designed environment can supply you with all of these things. You can include posters, wallpapers or even your logo, to show that you have great brand spirit.

The appearance and design in your office can build the foundation for the corporate culture of your organization. When designing your office, include logos, slogans, attitudes, philosophies and colors that represent your business in order to showcase who you are. Besides being experts in your field, you also must look appealing in order to be a successful business.

Finding a Perfect Office Space for Your Startup – Tips by iStoreiSend Logistics

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Way to go! Your startup is beginning to grow, your revenue is generating and your first employees are coming in. However, this means that your home or your garage is not going to cut it as your business HQ no more. The time has come to move to an actual office space. Leasing and finding space for your professional establishment that meets both your budget and your needs is both stressful and exciting for brand new entrepreneurs. But, it doesn’t have to be stressful, if you get informed properly and learn from other people’s experience, you can make the whole process stress free and simply exciting. Today, we will address this topic and try to help you achieve your goal and celebrate your new office. Here are the most important steps you should follow during your search.


Find out how much space you really need

Usually, there is a good rule that applies in general and it goes like this – you should have around one thousand square feet of space for each 4 to 6 employees. By using this formula, you will probably be able to squeeze everything you need in your office while at the same time making everyone comfortable to work properly. However, depending on your business type, you might require additional space if you have machines that take up space. This is something you should consider before figuring out the size you need.


Think about your employees

Bear in mind where your employees live and, from that viewpoint, you should look to find an office space which is more or less convenient for everyone to travel to every day. Figuring out a centralized location is highly important, as it will take less time for people to come to work. If you make it comfortable for everyone, you will keep ensure future success. Some other things you should consider when setting up your office include logistics and storage space. For further information, you should contact the people at iStoreiSend Logistics.


Consider subleasing some space

If you are just starting to create revenue, but are not making any profit, you may find it hard to convince your landlord of renting you his commercial space for a long period of time. If this is your case, you might consider subleasing your first office space. Short term leases are usually month to month and sometimes even week to week, while some may even last for a whole year. If your business is still deep in its growth period, subleasing the space is one of the best ways to cover your costs and avoid loans.


Work with a trustworthy agent

When it comes to hiring agents, it’s always good to be on the side of caution. Try to find an agent who has worked with someone you know in the past. This is similar to when you move somewhere and you want to find a good dentist – important things like this are not something you should take lightly. When you have finished gathering recommendations from your business partners, friends or family consider doing a bit more research. Look for agents online on their business networks and see what their former clients are saying about them. There are many agents that promise a lot, but can hardly keep their promises.


Negotiate about everything

There really are no exact rules when it comes to finding the best office space possible. Just because some ad says that a certain place costs $4,000 per month doesn’t mean it’s worth that much, nor that this is the final price. Always try to negotiate down the monthly rent price. You can save 5% to 20% from the currently asked price. Naturally, people want to get as much as they can, but you will be surprised how easily you can negotiate lower prices. If you are signing a deal for a longer period, you can even ask for one month free as a token of good will.

Getting a good office is very important for the startup period. An office means a lot, and a good one can make people more productive, relaxed and focused on their jobs. Certainly, one of the essential ingredients for a successful business is a well-designed and functional office space. Once you’ve found a suitable place, decorate it so that it enhances your every day at work.



Office Design: The Importance of Office Ergonomics

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The Importance of Office Ergonomics

When designing a working environment, you have to make sure to make it comfortable for you and your
employees, because this is a key factor in making a workplace productive. If you are not sure what
ergonomics are here’s our definition: Making the working environment suitable for someone so that
that person can complete all of their tasks with as much ease as possible. If office ergonomics are set up
right, it could prevent various work injuries, like headaches, back pain, eye strains and neck pain.
These injuries often occur when repetitive movements are made, like bending over or poor posture.
Office ergonomics are there to prevent all of this from happening, because employees need to stay
healthy, if the employers want their company to be successful. Making a workplace ergonomic has a lot
of benefits and here are some of them.

It Improves Productivity
If you design a workplace which will promote good health, employees will be more efficient when doing
their work. If you create a work environment that will enable your employee’s good posture, fewer
motion, less exertion and suitable heights, your staff will be more productive and rested, ready to
complete all of their tasks. After all, everyone should feel comfortable, even if they are at work. There
are two office formats that employees prefer to work in – spacious cubicles and enclosed offices. Some
individuals are more productive in enclosed offices because it is easier for them to concentrate and have
fewer distractions and some people love to work in groups, where they can exchange ideas and socialize
with other employees.

It Improves Quality

Like we said, everyone loves to feel comfortable and not tired and frustrated. Employees aren’t able to
do any work right if they are feeling like this. If their tasks are difficult and challenging, they are not
going to be able to focus on them, because they are feeling tired and frustrated due to poor ergonomics.
So, it is important that their office furniture is ergonomic, like chairs that will allow them good support
and make them feel comfortable. Experts say that people need to have both their feet on the floor and
sit in a straight position, but not too straight, because they can put too much pressure on their lumbar

Improves Engagement among Employees
Like they say, a happy staff leads to a productive staff, and this can help in creating better relationships
between the members of your working team. So, if a company makes sure to create an ergonomic
workplace that promotes safety and health when designing their offices, employees become aware of it
and it boosts their morale. So, if the employees are happy and filled with energy, this can also decrease
their absenteeism from work.

Reduces Injuries
The biggest benefit both employers and employees have from office ergonomics is a decreased risk from
injuries and illnesses. It prevents injuries like discomfort in the employee’s wrists and back and neck
pain. It can even cause stress in muscles and blood vessels. Poor office ergonomics can even cause
bursitis and tendinopathy. A high number of people have sedentary jobs, so it is important that they are
working in a proper ergonomic workspace and know how to use ergonomic techniques so that their
productivity remains high and their injuries reduced. So, every employer needs to provide proper
training and tools to their employees, if they want their office to have a successful ergonomics program,
with benefits both for them and their employees.
Investing in ergonomics is important because it increases the wellbeing and health of your employees.
Products that are ergonomic can increase productivity, because employees will feel comfortable and
happy. All of this will enable the company to increase its productivity and, that way, increase their

Interior Design 2016: 7 Absolutely Stunning Office Trends

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An office shouldn’t be a haphazardly decorated space filled with random furniture. The human mind is designed to absorb its
surrounding, so it’s only natural that this subconscious impression reflects on a person’s efficiency, mood and overall
performance. There’s no one way to make an office space gorgeous and functional – each year brings trending guidelines with it,
not concrete rules. Besides, we’d live in a pretty boring world if all offices looked alike, wouldn’t we?

The next seven guidelines for 2016 are absolutely stunning, as far as I’m concerned. You’ll be able to see a lot of cleverly
built spaces this year, and if you’re searching for a new office look, you should get familiar with the following trends.

Comfort for Diversity
It’s quite challenging to put together an office that every individual working there will find comfortable. In order to maximize
performance, corporate interior design focuses on creating a comfortable working environment that won’t stand in the way of
efficiency. An ideal office space needs to be adapted to the general idea of what makes an employee feel pleasant.

Space that Invokes Creativity
Cubicles are long forgotten now, and the world of business is open for collaborative spaces. The fact is that working en masse
invokes unforced creativity. Other than creating a sense of community that is always welcome in an office, collaborative work
spaces enable a natural flow of brainstorming. Coming up with fresh ideas and new approaches is a determining factor in whether
a startup will turn into a recognized brand or not, and that’s exactly what this guideline is all about.

Private Area

Now comes the tricky part – how to create an open plan office that still provides privacy for its employees? The human mind
reacts to visual stimuli more than anything else, so there’s always a way. Introducing huge glass surfaces that are actually
whiteboards as space dividers will do the job here. Another way to enable privacy is to have a common room in an office, but
that requires a fairly a large space. Companies like Google even went a step further and added sleeping pods to their building
– breaks encourage productivity and Google obviously decided to go big or go home.

Surrounding Inspired by Nature
Whether we’re aware of it or not, natural elements have an amazing effect on our mind. When implemented to a place of business,
factors like natural lighting, live plants and raw colors extracted from the outdoors have an extraordinary influence on the
mental health of your employees – they significantly increase efficiency and lower unresolved conflicts rates to a minimum.

Confidence Boost
A work space that’s uniquely designed invokes a sense of belonging among employees, because it separates them from all the
similar work groups from all over the world. This community ideal has an interesting effect on the employees’ collective confidence.
Creating a unique office is practically like you’re conducting an everlasting team building exercise. If you look at things from
this perspective for asecond, you might notice that a job of an interior designer isn’t just playing with different combinations
of colors and materials.

Light Flow

An ideal office should encourage a constant flow of unforced creativity. A part of the problem was taken care of when open plan
offices became an official trend, but that’s simply not enough. We already discussed how natural lighting affects productivity,
but in an environment where it’s not possible to get plenty of natural light, a bright accent needs to be dominant throughout the
entire office. Besides that, smooth surfaces made out of light materials are really important tools that maximize this productive flow.

Aesthetics in Quality
Longevity is a trend that simply must be followed. Investing in creative and unique office design won’t pay off if a redecoration
will be necessary shortly after. The quality of materials, colors and a proper installation of all the different pieces are equally
important parts of the same puzzle.

None of these guidelines tells you which colors you should use, what style of furniture you should get or the exact steps to organizing
your office space, but each point gives you the essential principles that will allow you to create a working environment that encourages
creativity and productivity. However, I’m sure that you have a general idea of what your ideal office space should look like after
reading this article.